A Mile of Smiles, by Yuka Masamoto

As I lie in bed at night the darkness brings my fear, my fright.

The curtains hiding ghouls and ghosts, and monsters behind the bedposts.


A mile of smiles, my Grandma’s sure will keep the creepys from my door.

Think of happys, think of joys, think of playing with my toys.

I close my eyes and try real hard to picture all my birthday cards,

a great big badge with number 8,that Dad said made me look real great.


But wait, what’s that a crafty creak,

there’s just no way, no way to peek.

Inside my quilt, I’m safe from harm

breathe quietly, stay nice and calm.


My mile of smiles, has summer trips into the pool with super flips.

Walking on the burning sand, throwing Frisbees hand to hand.


Oh no I need to take a pee

but waiting monsters wait for me.

I need to go, to go right now

but how to get out, how, how, how?


Maybe if I’m undercover monsters will go chase another.

Duvet dragging down the hall, hoping I look very small.

Quick inside and lock the door, I don’t need cover anymore.


Finished, now back into dangers

think of friends, don’t think of strangers.


My mile of smiles has my friend Sam who’s favourite food is toast and jam.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner too huge great slices dripping goo.

But interruptions in my head say come on now, get back to bed.


Back to my room, behind the door

where waiting creepys wait some more.


My mile of smiles has circus tricks and acrobats doing flips.

But I can’t think, my minds full up, as spooks and scaries interrupt.


All I can see are horror scenes with scary fangs, blood curdling screams.

Sweating now, they move in close, my mile of smiles no longer boasts

anything that makes me smile, I just want to run a mile.


But it’s too late, I won’t get far the door knob turns and creaks ajar.

I clutch my arms around my knees, and whisper to myself- “oh please

just go away and I’ll be good, I promise to do the things I should”.


“Well that sounds good”, a soft voice speaks, “but will it last days instead of weeks”.

Out of the covers I slowly emerge, to the familiar voice I heard.


It’s Grandma come to say goodnight, nothing here to scare or fright.

She tucks me in and with a wink says mile of smiles- think, think think….


by Yuka Masamoto














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