Truly Amazing, by Lizzie Sands

Truly knows she’s not like other girls with their pink painted nails and big perfect curls.

She doesn’t do dolls or computer games, she doesn’t delight in calling friends names.

She loves to watch people and watch how they walk, and listen to all the ways people talk.

She copies actions and mimics the way, that people behave and the things they say.

“There’s something about her”, Nan says not quite sure, it seems like she’s been here at least twice before”.

At bath time she doesn’t have Mum sit beside her, with oxygen tank she’s a deep-sea diver.

Diving for treasure from old sunken boats, finding royal rings in Royal Castle moats.

Out in the garden, Truly rides on her horse, showjumping, round the showjumping course.

The big wall to go, cleared by a mile, she picks up the cup with her huge winning smile.

Onto her bike for the Daredevil stunt,  22 buses, the world record jump.

Truly straps on her helmet, revs up her bike, as she flies up the ramp the landing’s in sight.

Over the buses, Truly flies through the air, she’s a world record holder, applause everywhere.

At lunchtime Chef Truly, tells all of her wish, to cook up the worlds tastiest dish.

It’s chicken, ham and pasta twirls, with strawberry cake and big cream swirls.

As Chef Truly bows she takes off her hat, the studio audience cheer and clap.

Hey look, it’s Chief  Truly Running Shoes, sending out smoke signals, broadcasting news.

“Here come the cowboys,” Big Chief Truly cries, as she pulls back her bow, her arrow flies.

With the battle over, Chief Truly’s a winner, just as well as the Chief’s mother calls out “Dinner”.

Ballerina Truly gets ready for the show, stretching her legs as far as they’ll go.

The dance of the swan, with precision and style, pirouetting with grace and her dazzling smile.

From the curtain Truly steps for applause, receives her bouquet with thunderous roars,

curtseying left, curtseying right,Truly’s the ballet star of the night.

As Dad tucks Truly in, plants a kiss on her head, picks up all the costumes strewn round the bed.

He smiles as he whispers “another busy day, you’re Truly Amazing, what more can I say”.


by Lizzie Sands

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