Fish Tank Craft

craft fish tank

With so many different ideas to make a fish tank, here’s one of the ideas from Craft Wonders Liji.


This easy to do kids craft fish tank lets children utilise their cutting skills (under supervision, of course). Take a shoe box or cereal box and cover the back and sides with blue paper or tissue paper. Take some green paper and cut out some seaweed, grass, reeds and glue to the back and bottom of the box. Add some stones and tiny pebbles around the weeds. Cover the bottom of the box with glue and add sand, stones and seashells.

Use cut out fish, or the origami fish made previously and hang from invisible thread through the roof of the box.

You can also add starfish, crabs and other cutout sea creatures. Don’t forget to send us your completed fish tanks- to

featured image by The Best Ideas for Kids

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