Make a Bird Feeder with Kids

homemade bird feeder

This is an easy to make 3 step homemade bird feeder. You don’t have to have a garden to benefit from a bird feeder. You can hang one on a balcony or a tree in the park. This easy to make homemade bird feeder is a fun indoor and outdoor activity to do with children of all ages.

For this kids activity you will need:

bird feeder equipment

  • Plastic bottle
  • String or wire
  • Bird seed
  • Scissors

The easy bird feeder step by step guide:

  1. Cut a hole in the side of the bottle or yoghurt pot that’s large enough to allow a free flow of seeds, but in such a way that it won’t get wet if it rains or get blown out in the wind.
  2. Make a few small holes in the bottom of the bottle to allow any rainwater to drain out
  3. Pierce the lid with wire or string to hang it .

Add your bird seed and hang on a tree, washing line or fence. Remember to clean and refill regularly. Send us photos of your feathery feeders to

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