Easy To Make Robot Arm

Robot hand

Here’s a brilliant step by step for an easy to make robot arm from those fabulous people at Buzzfeed. This also doubles as a great way of showing how the tendons in your hand work.

What You Need

* Cardboard

* Bendy Straws

* Craft knife

* Ruler

* Scissors

* Glue

* Glue gun

* String



  1. Cut out cardboard pieces for arm, hand slot, and back of hand support.
  2.  Bend the joints in the cardboard hand with the ruler.
  3. Cut the bendy straws into 20 small bendy pieces. 4 longer bendy pieces and then 4 straight pieces
  4. Use the glue gun to glue straw pieces onto front of cardboard hand.
  5. Poke a hole through the cardboard, beneath the thumb, and continue gluing the straw pieces on the other side of the arm.
  6. Cut the rectangle piece into an “H” pattern. Fold cardboard pieces inward and stick the edges. Stick onto the cardboard arm
  7. Take 5 pieces of string and thread each one through the corresponding straw on each finger. Tie the ends in a finger loop at the end of each.
  8. Stick the longer rectangles together and use more glue to stick to the back of arm for extra support.
  9. Slip hand through the grip, loop the string round the fingers and then pull.

You can see how the cardboard represents the bone and the strings are the tendons.

Why not show us how your robot hand can pick up things- send to help@saronti.com

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