Jasper’s Adventure by Freddie Harker

Mount Timber holds a secret. Will Jasper and his friend be able to unlock it? [...]

The Grand Escape by Sadie Vinall

Join Wiggles, the hamster as he embarks on a journey to find his true home. [...]

Candy Confessions: The Mystery of the Golden Egg by Alice Mower

This story is about a little chick who goes on an adventure to find a [...]

The Halloween Killer Vampire by Sofia Rose Facchini

  Katie the Halloween Killer Vampire returns to terrorise the village. Theatre villagers devise a [...]

The Fox and the Woodland Creatures by Daisy

One night four best friends were playing tag, and one was about to learn a [...]

The Water Stone Jewel by Eloisa Campbell

Acura is a fiftenn year old girl who is in a tribe of gatherers, called [...]

The Anomaly by Freddie Hurley

If you appeared into another timeline in the middle of a war between monsters what [...]

Poo is Pooping in the Toilet by Sam Steele

  This is the story of a young boy, his mummy, and a lot of [...]

What Happens When I….? by Tilly and Pepper

A delightful book of questions and answers for young children [...]

The Animals in the Forest by Anthony Elia

One day in the forest, 5 friends were arguing over who was the best animal. [...]

The Phantom Manor by Joseph Burns

The Phantom Manor is a Blockbuster of epic proportions. Follow the main character Lucas as [...]

The Christmas Horse Show by Laila-Mai Austin

The Christmas Horse Show is a story of friendship and courage between a girl called [...]

The Naughty Doll by Levi Austin

The Naughty Doll is a magical tale of Rosa and Joel’s Christmas. Find out how [...]

Greg’s Mini Football Academy by Alexander Sodel

Hey! Did you want to join Greg and his team and brother Layin? Of course [...]

The Hedgehog’s Broken Socks by Emily Lovett

The Hedgehog’s Broken Sock is a prickly tale of a lovable character whose socks got [...]

The Magic Red Shoes by Grace P

Follow Rosa’s journey as she travels to Spain to meet up with her friend Olivia. [...]

Monkey on the Moon by Leo Delta Murphy

Mac the Monkey was space mad, and he had a plan to get onto a [...]

Anything Man by Jayden Chisholm

Jack is an ordinary boy, until one day he finds a cave. In that instance, [...]

Penguins Holiday – by Lucy, 5

The Penguins Holiday is a story about a Penguin who goes on a holiday to [...]

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