Earth’s Best Ever Friend – by Arith Marappa

Earth's Best Ever Friend by Arith Marappa

The Internet has gone missing and in London, Jenny and Avier have been waking up to animals coming to life in their little bedroom that were deemed extinct. Together, they now must solve one mystery that could save this planet from disaster.

Are the two mysteries somehow connected?

Meet Arith Marappa, Self-published Young Author, aged 7.

The author Arith is a Year 3 student. Besides his insatiable love for Lego, it’s gears and motors, he is infinitely curious about words. Some of them help him dream and a few others fuel his imagination.

This is a great book for encouraging children to read and write. Kids love adventure stories, whether acting them out or displaying them in other ways. Arith has managed to convey his creativity onto paper and looks forward to sharing it with the world.

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