Keep Cool In a Heatwave

Who would’ve thought we would be writing about heatwaves in July in the UK. It certainly makes a nice change from torrential rain and flood warnings. For many of us though it’s no joke and for many of us it’s vital that precautions are taken to keep cool in this heatwave.

Keeping the Elderly Cool

Keep an eye on your elderly relatives and neighbours as it’s easy for them to become dehydrated very quickly, causing a rapid decline in health.

The elderly can’t adjust their body temperatures as quickly as the young so become highly susceptible to heat stroke. Depending on their level of mental capability they may not realise how hot and thirsty they are becoming. If they have mobility issues they may not be able to reach fluids as often as required.

Ensure they sip water or squash throughout the day. Keeping a jug or flask beside their chair or bed will help keep track on how much they are consuming. Don’t let them drink too much caffeine or alcohol.

Keep their living space as cool as possible with blinds, fans and air conditioning units.

Keeping the Heat off Babies & Infants

baby playing with water

At the opposite end of the age spectrum it’s just as important to keep our very young cool. With babies it’s a little easier as you can keep them in the shade, in a cool room and give them lots of fluids. Dress them in loose clothing or if it’s really hot just a nappy.

Slightly trickier are the fatigue defying toddlers who seem oblivious to heat. We know toddlers need to exert energy so let them do it early in the morning and then after the sun has gone down. Arrange activities inside during the mid day blister and ensure there’s lots of ice pops, cool drinks and refrigerated snacks.

Luckily both babies and toddlers LOVE water play so if you have both at home why not set up a hose pipe for the toddler and a paddling pool for the baby. Guaranteed fun, whilst keeping everyone (including you) cool.

Tips & Hints to Keep Everyone Cool

  1. Check your heating is OFF
  2. Make sure windows can be opened
  3. Check blinds and curtains can be closed
  4. Stock up on food & drink so you ca avoid going out in the heat
  5. Check your fridge/freezer are turned to the correct level
  6. Place a tray of ice in front of a fan
  7. Eat smaller meals more often
  8. Wear lightweight cotton and avoid dark colours if outside for long periods
  9. Cool your body down by running cold water over your wrists
  10. Soak feet in cold water

So as much as we want everyone to enjoy this wonderful Summer weather let’s all do everything we can to ensure everyone knows the many ways to keep cool in this heatwave

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay