Easy to Make Craft Octopus

Follow this simple step by step guide to make craft Octopus friends. For this fun [...]

Easy to Make Craft- Dinosaur feet

Kids love the fantasy and fright of dinosaurs. These crafty feet are easy to make [...]

Create your own lava lamp effect

Here is a short and simple video showing you how to create your own lava [...]

Make Your Own Bird Seed

This is a wonderful recipe for bird seed, but please NOTE- do not do this [...]

Make a Bird Feeder with Kids

This is an easy to make 3 step homemade bird feeder. You don’t have to [...]

Fish Tank Craft

With so many different ideas to make a fish tank, here’s one of the ideas [...]

Origami Fish

In the first of our series of Origami activities here’s an easy one to start [...]

Easy to Make Aeroplanes

This is such an easy craft that it’s perfect for little fingers. If you have [...]

Liven Up Lockdown with April Fool’s Pranks

April Fool’s is like Marmite- you love it, or hate it. Some people go completely [...]

World Book Day-Fun Facts

World Book Day is a special day created by UNESCO to encourage a love of [...]

Kick out the Monday Blues With Funny News

Today is officially the day when the rest of the World goes back to work [...]

The Top 5 Santa’s Grottos

Where would Christmas be without the visit to Santa’s Grotto? It’s probably the only queue [...]

What Does Family Mean To You?

What does Family mean to you? The official definition is: the basic unit in society [...]

5 Things We Should Teach Our Kids

When you hold that tiny newborn you aren’t prepared for the bolt of love lightening [...]

The Worst Jobs in History

There are many jobs that can be considered laborious, back breaking and even pretty stinky! [...]

Ditch the Plastic Bottle

It doesn’t seem to be that long ago that we were urging everyone to buy [...]

How We Choose our Baby Names

Baby name books are one of the most popular gifts for parents-to-be, but how much [...]

Memory Card Game

Christopher Louis Pelman, a British psychologist of early 20th century, devised a game called the [...]

Snap- and Why It’s Still Everyone’s Favourite Card Game

Card games have been around since the last century and it doesn’t look like they’ll [...]

What is Coding and Why is it Taught at Preschool?

Has your toddler come home from Preschool talking about coding? Just what is coding and [...]

That Stiff Upper British Lip at it’s best…

Around the world British humour is well known. That stiff upper lip that encompasses most [...]

How Much Screen Time is Too Much Screen Time?

There’s a debate that’s been brewing for a while now over traditional games v technology [...]

Back to School

As the Summer Holidays fade away it’s the start of a new school year, and [...]

5 of the World’s Best Children’s Libraries

We love a library and with the UK faced with multiple closures it’s important we [...]

The World’s Craziest Races

Is it that some people have way too much time on their hands, or that [...]

Keep Cool In a Heatwave

Who would’ve thought we would be writing about heatwaves in July in the UK. It [...]

How to Encourage a Child to Read

Recent studies have show that reading for pleasure is more important to a child’s educational [...]

The Reason For Rhyme

What is the reason for rhyme? it’s quite simple, it’s fun to read and fun [...]

Dad’s Memory Book (just in case!)

Mum decided that for Dad’s 80th she wanted to do a memory book for him, [...]

Turning Teenager Birthday Party.

Had been fretting about this party for weeks. Okay maybe not as ‘fretty’ as I [...]

Top 10 Things Kids Want from Parents.

As a new parent it’s so hard to know what kids want. It’s hard to [...]

Moles and how NOT to get rid of them.

Last years freshly laid lawn, didn’t last long, due to the effects of our Summer [...]

100 years of Ladybird books

In 2015 we marked the 100 year anniversary of Ladybird Books.  I learned to read [...]

Who Said Swimming is Fun?

There are many activities that I adore to do with my children and now grandchild [...]

Lunch Box Ideas, That Aren’t Sandwiches!

I know, every morning it’s the same thing. The bleary eyed lean on the open [...]

Avocado salads- nutritious and delicious

There’s a bit of a debate about avocados- are they healthy or are they not? [...]